“Teamwork is the secret that allows simple people
to obtain extraordinary common results”
Ifeanyi Onuoha

The team of personnel at Llompart Shipyard brings together tradition and modernity. It is made up of the founder of the company, Mestre d’Aixa Jaume Llompart, and the current personnel dedicated to the repair, and maintenance of boats, management and administration tasks.

Jaume Llompart received the title “Master Honorary Craftsmen” in 2017. This is a title awarded by the Insular Council of Menorca in recognition of a long professional career of more than 50 years dedicated to the trade  of Shipwright in the port of Ciutadella. 

Jaume Llompart “son” directs and manages the facilities of the port of Ciutadella where he has been working since he was 17 years old. He has received from his father the legacy of the craft trade of Shipwright and represents the generational change of a trade that uses wood as raw material. He has been able to combine the traditional technique of boatbuilding with the introduction of new procedures and materials that respond to the current demands of the market. For his dedication to an ancestral trade, Jaume Llompart is inscribed in the Register of Artisans of the CAIB, number 787 (Letter of Craftsman) and number 1,099 (Charter of Master Craftsman) in the trade of Shipwright.

The human team at the shipyard is made up of five workers who have an experience of more than 30 years in the maritime sector and who are characterized by commitment, rigor and professionalism.